1 YEAR & 3 MONTHS - 4 Oct 2011

On our way home from the mall this afternoon I let Liva and Laia walk on their own for a while. There's a pedestrian area, and I don't need to worry about them running out on the street. When they get to walk on their own, Laia is always really good. She comes when I call, if she goes to pick up stuff from the ground and I say "no" she leaves it, and she tends to stay more or less close to me. Liva, on the other hand, doesn't listen at all! She goes her own way, doesn't come when I call, if I go to get her she'll run off, laughing. She listens to "stop", which is great, otherwise I don't think I would've dared to let her walk on her own.
Well, this afternoon she was doing her own stuff, and I eventually had enough. I went to get her, she ran off, and when I caught her I yelled at her and carried her over to the stroller. She started crying. I continued walking, Laia came with me, Liva stayed in the middle of the pedestrian area crying. I continued walking. Laia hesistated; mom or sister? Liva continued crying. I continued walking. Laia ran back to Liva, grabbed her by the hand and pulled her in my direction. Liva started laughing, both girls started running/walking quickly, all troubles were forgotten, they were both laughing happily and wandering off together.

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