1 YEAR & almost 4 MONTHS - 25 Oct 2011

I haven't been writing lately, coz there really isn't much to tell. Liva and Laia are wonderful, every day more so. They get easier and easier to communicate with, they're starting to answer questions correctly, and love showing us what they want - they'll take our hand, pull us into the kitchen and point at the cookies, or they'll grab themselves between the legs and say "caca".

I have been dieting for 2 weeks, and considering how little I'm actually doing for this "diet", I'm positively surprised that I've lost 1½ kilos. It'll be hard to reach my goal at this rate, but oh well... I am finally starting to shake my cold, which means I can start exercising soon. On Friday we were told that this big change we have been hoping for won't happen this time around. It's a shame, but it means we can get on with our lives here, and that - among other things - I can sign up at a gym. That should help.

We're looking for a new babysitter - again. Anne Louise informed us today that she'll be moving back to Denmark early December. My mother-in-law will probably retire at the end of January, but we can't count on her to come here 5 days a week for 3-4 hours, she's going to want time for herself as well. But she'd be happy to come some days for 3-4 hours, which will be a great help - we can combine her and a babysitter and I can have even more free time!
There are quite a few small changes in the air, I hope that by the end of the year we'll have everything sorted out. As long as we are all healthy and Liva and Laia are happy, that's all that matters to me!

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