1 YEAR & 3½ MONTHS - 11 Oct 2011

Today is our 3-year wedding anniversary! This means that today it's exactly 2 years since I got pregnant. It's about 15½ months since Liva and Laia were born. I don't have any excuse for still carrying around 4 kgs more than before I got pregnant! Or 6 kgs more than our wedding day 3 years ago. I know it's not a lot, but it's the difference between being able to fit the clothes in the closet or having to buy new close. The difference between looking at pictures from the wedding and honeymoon and thinking "that's what I want to look like" and looking at recent pictures thinking "I don't want anyone else to see these pictures". The difference between feeling good about myself and trying to avoid looking in the mirror.
So here's the plan: Lose the weight! :)
GOAL: lose 4 kilos by 7 November (Albert's birthday)
DREAM: lose 6-7 kilos by 1 December

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