1 YEAR & 3½ MONTHS - 19 Oct 2011

We made it to France and it was great! It was a lot colder than I had expected, I had brought enough clothes for the girls but Albert and I were freezing. We left Friday afternoon, Liva and Laia were awake the first hour or so, then we stopped for food and shortly after we started driving again Liva fell asleep. Laia was awake the whole time, looking out the window or playing with the toys we had brought. We arrived at the apartment around 19:00, got the beds and everything ready, Lit up the fireplace, gave Liva and Laia some food, let them play for a while and put them to bed around 20:30. Albert and I had dinner, relaxed, talked, had a nice evening. The night was rough, Liva and Laia didn't sleep well and we were up many times.
Saturday we went to an animal park with wild animals - bears, wild boar, deer, etc. In the afternoon we relaxed at the apartment. Sunday we went to a market in a little village close to the apartment, then to a bigger town on the way bac to Barcelona. We drove back to Barcelona just after lunch, Liva and Laia slept the whole way.

Outside the apartment

Animal park

In a little French village

In a small town on the way back

This week has been a bit rough, Liva, Laia and I are all still sick, can't shake this cold we have. Anne Louise is in Denmark, so I've been juggeling Liva and Laia, work, the cats and the house again. Luckily Anne Louise is back in Barcelona today, will be here tomorrow afternoon.
The cats are driving me nuts, they can't live in the same house after Tatanka fell off the roof, and we desperately need to get rid of Tomahawk! We've put up ads and asked everyone we know, but unfortunately nobody is interested in a 4-year old cat...

My diet is actually going OK - of course I didn't do much dieting in France, and I haven't exercised at all because I've been sick, but I've still managed to lose almost 1 kg. I hope we'll all soon get over these colds, and that I can start exercising a bit to speed up the weightloss.

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