1 YEAR & 3 MONTHS - 3 Oct 2011

What have I done - Liva & Laia are addicted to Barney! They can even almost say his name! To those of you who don't know Barney, he's a huge purple dinosaur with a lot of different kinds of friends, and they do loads of singing and dancing. We have the DVD called "Barney's animal ABCs", Liva and Laia love it. We have 3 other Barney DVDs, they aren't good enough. We have loads of other DVDs for kids, none of them are accepted; it has to be Barney and the ABCs. I don't put it on much, not even every day, but they'll ask for it many times in a day - by "ask for it" I mean point to the TV, go to where the DVD player is, or grab the actual DVD while pointing wildly and making sounds that sound almost like "Barney".
I often put him on when we get home from our afternoon walk, when the girls are tired and I have to prepare dinner. They sit down in their little chairs and relax or clap and dance along, depending on how they're feeling. Barney is good entertainment, it keeps Liva and Laia hearing English, and it's educational enough that I don't feel guilty letting them watch it for a while. Actually, I recommend it to any parents with kids from about 12 months and up!

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