1 YEAR & almost 3 MONTHS - 26 Sept 2011

Though loads happens with Liva and Laia at the moment, and though it's lovely having Anne Louise here, and though it's wonderful having so much extra time, I don't feel motivated to write... The extra time I have has so far been spent doing house-work, cooking food for Liva and Laia for the next couple of days, or going to Oxford House for meetings or preparing classes.
But teh worst part at the moment is the situation between Albert and I. Once again, we're at a stage where everything is just shit! We hardly talk, Albert doesn't seem to listen to anything I say - I tell him things I have to do but he never remembers, I ask him to do stuff around the house or buy stuff on his way home, he doesn't do it, says he forgot. Everything I do is bad or wrong meaning we have to do everything he wants to do, the way he wants to do it. This is not necessarily new, it has just gotten worse over the last couple of weeks.
Yesterday I was sick, spent half the night in the bathroom puking and felt horrible all day. Albert did nothing to help, was in a bad mood all day, and when I got up this morning the kitchen was an absolute mess - he couldn't even be bothered cleaning the kitchen before going to bed, knowing that I wasn't feeling well. He took the girls out for a couple of hours yesterday afternoon with our small double stroller, when I asked him this morning where the pacifiers and water-cups that go on the stroller are, he looked at me like a was totally stupid and replied "the things that go on the stroller are on the stroller!". Well, thank you - the little stroller that I never use! And the stroller was already folded up and put away in it's place behind Laia's bed.
It's been like this for about 2 weeks, and I am SO fed up!! This combined with not having an elevator most of October is making me think very seriously of flying up to Denmark asap with a one-way ticket, and come back down when I have more energy to handle a constantly pissed-off husband.... But then there's the issue of work, will Oxford House let me work from Denmark for a whole month or longer? Or could I find enough translation work to manage? Or should I maybe even look for work in Denmark while I'm up there? But then what would I do if I actually got work up there??

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