1 YEAR + 2 MONTHS - 2 Sept 2011

August definitely ended with a bang and was by far one of the worst months ever! I'm glad it's over and never coming back...
When my mother-in-law came home from her walk with Liva and Laia, the elevator wasn't working - again! So I ran down the stairs, folded the stroller, took Liva while my mother-in-law took Laia and we carried them up to our apartment. Since I don't trust some of the people in this building, I didn't want to leave the stroller in the entrance hall until Albert came home, so I had to go down and get it. It's extremely heavy and quite big even when it's folded. Luckily I met a young guy on the stairs when I was about half way up, he helped me carry it the rest of the way.
In the evening before going to bed, we fed the cats, as always. If they're outside, they normally come in when they hear food. Sometimes Tatanka doesn't, so we weren't too worried when he didn't come. I went on the roof to look for him a while later, normally that does the trick. But there was no Tatanka. I was a bit worried, but at the same time sure he was okay and that he'd be coming when he felt like it, and went to bed. We've been living here for 2 years, they are outside all the time and nothing has ever happened.

Tatanka on the roof
Albert went on the roof a while later, still no Tatanka. So Albert came to bed. But shortly after he got up again, he was sure there was something wrong and couldn't sleep. He went back on the roof, and when there was no sign of Tatanka, Albert looked over the side of the building. And down there, seven storeys down, was Tatanka. Albert ran down to get him, he was hurt and couldn't walk. Albert rushed off to the animal ER with him where they took X-rays and bloodtests. At first they said he had probably broken his hip and possibly had internal bleedings. Then they said it looked like he hadn't broken his hip and didn't have internal bleedings, but that one of his lungs had been bumped since it looks like he landed on his side. They kept him in ER overnight, but when Albert went there yesterday, they said they can't figure out whether his hip is broken or not - it looks like it might be cracked, he can walk but limps. They're also saying that his heart is supposed to be touching some bone, but has moved and now doesn't touch that bone, and then there's the issue with the lung. They wanted to keep him in ER at least another day, preferably two. The big problem is that we're flying to Denmark tomorrow, though we all love Tatanka dearly we're not cancelling our trip! We hope to pick him up today, if worse comes to worse my mother-in-law will pick him up tomorrow. She always takes care of the cats when we're on vacation, since she has vacation next week as well she'll have more time to be with him. But we would really like to get him home tonight so we can give him some TLC before leaving! 

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