1 YEAR + 2 MONTHS - 4 Sept 2011

We're in Denmark and it's lovely! The trip here went fine, Liva and Laia slept for a little over an hour in the plane and my dad picked us up at the airport. Besides the airline taking almost 1 hour to deliver strollers there were no problems. It was great to see my family again, my brother and his whole family came over for dinner Saturday evening, Liva and Laia clearly rememebered everyone and very quickly got over their shyness.
We didn't get to see Tatanka before leaving home, they kept him at the hospital 1 extra night. Saturday afternoon my mother-in-law picked him up and took him to her place. The vets said he needs peace and quiet, though she has 2 cats herself she has a big apartment and can close doors so Tatanka can be on his own. Supposedly he's fine, his lung and heart are back to normal and there is nothing broken. But he can't walk properly and is in a lot of pain. According to the doctors there are 2 possiblities: a) he is still in pain from the fall and will get better slowly as the pain subsides, b) he damaged his spine and would need loads of x-rays and a huge operation. We're of course hoping it's the first possibility and that Tatanka will recuperate slowly over the next week with loads of TLC from my mother-in-law. If it's the second possibility, we only see 1 possiblity for him, and it doesn't involve x-rays and an operation.... Poor, poor Tatanka, he is such a good cat and really doesn't deserve this!! We're keeping our fingers crossed and hoping for the best!

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