1 YEAR + 2½ MONTHS - 14 Sept. 2011

I'm starting to have a life again!! Anne Louise has been coming every day and I have been able to straighten the house, go grocery shopping on my own, do laundry, and most importantly, work. This means I can relax in the evenings, or do fun stuff - tonight I met up with a friend from work for a quick drink. Though it's only been 3 days I am already noticing the difference. I am much more relaxed, I enjoy my time with Liva and Laia 100%, and it's clear that they enjoy being away from mom for a few hours.
When they came home today Laia came running into the apartment, yelled "hola", and threw herself in my arms. I have never had such a greeting from either of them before, it was wonderful! Though they didn't nap this morning and only napped for 45 minutes this afternoon, we had a lovely time together, mainly because I have much more patience with them now that I get 3-4 hours "off" every day.
Yesterday afternoon we went to a mommy meeting, it was lovely seeing the moms and kids again. Before the summer there were a bunch of babies lying around, now there is a group of toddlers waddeling around. Time passes so quickly.
Tatanka seems to be doing OK, but he still spends his days hiding under the couch or in the kitchen. Yesterday we took him out onto the livingroom floor and forced him and Tomahawk to be together. Tomahawk is fine but Tatanka keeps hissing at her. We started playing with them with a string, they were fine for about an hour - playing and having a good time. Tomahawk left the room, when she came back Tatanka hissed and went running under the couch. He was there all night and most of the day, until I took him into the kitchen in the hope that he would eat and drink. He spent the rest of the day hiding under the kitchen counter. Silly cat, I'm getting a bit fed up with him.... We'll see how the next couple of weeks go, something has to change!

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