1 YEAR + 2 MONTHS + 1 WEEK - 9 Sept. 2011

We're still in Denmark, and are still enjoying it - though it's cold and Albert has a horrible cold and Liva and Laia have runny noses. It's great spending so much time with my family, Liva and Laia are clearly enjoying having so many people around them all the time. We've been to the beach a few times, Liva screamed the first time but enjoyed it today. This afternoon we went to a big forrest with a viking grave where we played for a while, Liva and Laia were fascinated by the forrest.

Tomorrow we're going to my brother's house in the afternoon and all having dinner together at night.
We've spoken with my mother-in-law every day, Tatanka is doing great! He can walk just fine, he's with her cats and there are no problems. He even jumps up on her bed to sleep at night, and goes into the kitchen to eat. We're very much looking forward to seeing him again!
I'm a bit worried about Sunday, we fly at 07:00 Sunday morning, which means we have to leave my parent's place at 04:00. Last time we were in Denmark we did the same, Liva and Laia were impossible for 2 days.... Luckily Anne Louise (our new Danish babysitter) is coming Monday around noon because I have a meeting at the language school where I work. In the morning we're meeting Luca, we haven't seen him for over a month. It'll be interesting to see whether the kids will remember each other. Anne Louise will come for 15 hours per week starting next week, and she will come and clean every Friday morning. That will be so wonderful! Just the thought makes me so much more relaxed, and makes coming back to Barcelona seem much easier.

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