1 YEAR + 2 MONTHS + 2 WEEKS - 12 Sept 2011

We're back in Barcelona, and it's ... HOT!! In Denmark we were wearing socks, shoes and jackets - we even put little hats on Liva and Laia because of the cold wind.

Wearing hats at the beach in Denmark
Now we're back in almost 30 degrees C and extreme humidity. I know I love the heat, but after 3 months of these abnormally high temperatures, it would be nice if it would cool down a bit. According to the weather forecast it's just going to get warmer.
The trip home went fine, Liva and Laia slept for 1½ hours on the plane, had something to eat, played a bit and next thing we know, we're getting ready to land. We arrived home at 10:30, Albert went straight to his mom's house to get Tatanka. He's okay but definitely not good! He barely walks, though he doesn't limp or anything when he does. He hasn't eaten much, he threw up this morning, and he spends his time hiding under the couch or the kitchen counter. Him and Tomahawk attach each other when they see each other, and this morning he tried to jump up first on the bench we have on the balcony, then on our computer table to get to his favorite place on top of a bookshelf - both tries failed and he couldn't even get half way up before crashing back on the floor... I do believe that he will be fine, he has to get over the fall and he and Tomahawk have to get used to each other again. Poor thing!!
Liva and Laia have learned to stand on one leg while holding on to something, yesterday we went to a playground with a fountain, they held on to us and put one foot in the water. This morning while I was getting their breakfast ready they were at the kitchen gate. They held on to the gate while they "kicked" each other, they were laughing so hard they could hardly keep their balance!
Later this morning we're meeting their friend Luca, that'll be nice! When we get home our babysitter is coming and I have to go to a meeting at the language school. Back to normal life again.

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