8½ MONTHS - 18 March 2011

The toy cow I ordered for Liva over the internet has finally arrived - and it's nothing like what I had expected... But it doesn't really matter, because Liva seems to be accepting the rabbit I bought a while back, which we're calling Senyorita Ninus. Liva still looks for Senyor Zebra on the shelves, and it still breaks my heart every time she does. Especially when she looks up at me and starts saying things I don't understand; I'm convinced she's trying to ask me where her zebra is and why she can't have it back. Close to tears, I explain that he's gone and he won't be coming back. Then I give her Senyorita Ninus. Liva accepts it, yesterday she grabbed it herself and played with it for a while. Ninus will never be Senyor Zebra, but hopefully Liva will learn to love this new friend as much as she loved him!

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