8 MONTHS + 1 WEEK - 6 March 2011

It seems that Liva and Laia can do new things every day. Laia can now stand up using any furniture in the house, and she crawls really well. Liva is starting to get up on all fours, ready to crawl instead of dragging herself along the floor like a zombie. Yesterday we all went out for a walk, Liva and Laia look at everything, smile at people, wave, and we think Laia said "hola".
This morning my mother-in-law took the girls for a walk on her own for the first time. She was really excited about it, and it was great for Albert and me to get a few hours on our own. When she came back she was thrilled, the girls had been wonderful, she had loved how everybody looked at them and made comments, she had been really proud and told everyone that she is the Iaia. BUT - when I was in Denmark with Liva and Laia in August, when they were only about 7 weeks old, my aunt gave them each a stuffed animal; a zebra for Liva and a monkey for Laia. They love these teddies, sleep with them, cuddle them and play with them when we go for a walk. Of course I had put the teddies in the stroller this morning, as always when going out for a walk. When it was time for Liva and Laia's nap there was no zebra.... We looked everywhere, he's gone. It makes both Albert and me really sad, the girls have had these teddies since they were only a few weeks old and love them. We have loads of pictures where the teddies are in the background somewhere, and they were very special to us, and to the girls as well. Now Liva's beloved Senyor Zebra is gone :(. Albert is furious with his mother for not being more careful. I'm just really sad, it's such a shame. I imagine the girls being bigger and seeing pictures of themselves as babies with Senyor Zebra and Senyor Mono, it will be fun for Laia to see herself with Senyor Mono, Liva will ask what happened to her Senyor Zebra. What do we tell her??

Liva (2 months) & Senyor Zebra
Laia (2½ months) & Senyor Mono

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