8 MONTHS + 1 WEEK - 10 March 2011

Liva misses her Senyor Zebra!! Liva and Laia have two shelves in their room with all their stuffed animals on, they have never shown any interest in these shelves. After Senyor Zebra has gone missing, Liva looks at the shelves every time we're in their room. There's a cow which from far resembles Senyor Zebra a bit, every time she sees it she gets all excited, stretches out her arms and says "Tatatata". When we let her grab the cow she gets all disappointed, drops him and continues looking on the shelves. But there's no Senyor Zebra... We've tried with almost every stuffed animal they have, she won't accept any of them. Both Albert and I have spent hours searching the internet to see if we could find a new Senyor Zebra, Albert even contacted the company who made him. They have no more, and have stopped producing them. I checked E-bay, amazon etc, no luck. Yesterday I ordered a new teddy at amazon, a pink and white striped cow. It has long, thin arms and legs like the zebra, we assume it is the shape more than anything else which makes Liva & Laia love these animals so dearly.  We'll see what happens when it arrives. Today I came past a baby store and saw a rabbit in the window, also with long, thin arms and legs. In the shop they let Liva hold it, it's the first stuffed animal she hasn't thrown away with all her force when we give it to her, so I bought it. She touched it a bit like she used to touch Senyor Zebra, I think she might accept it in a few days. When we came home and I wanted to put them in their beds for their nap, she looked all over the shelves again. Still no Senyor Zebra... The rabbit (or the cow we ordered) will never be Senyor Zebra, but hopefully it will compensate a bit.

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