8½ MONTHS - 17 March 2011

I'M A HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE MOTHER!!!!! We went out to meet Albert's friend from Germany and his wife and daughter. It was a wonderful day, the first really sunny and warm day this year. We left home around 11 and spent most of the day outside, first at the park where the girls got to swing, Laia got to walk around a bit holding my hands, and everybody was enjoying themselves. We went to a café to have something to eat and drink, it was still too early for the girls' solids, so they had banana, cookies, bread and milk. When it was actually time for their solids, it was quite inconvenient - there was a 5-year old who was had to think of as well, so we skipped Liva and Laia's solids. By about 15:00 they started getting cranky, we took them out of the stroller a bit, carried them instead of pushing them, we knew they were tired but there was so much going on they wouldn't sleep. Eventually by 15:30 I said I was going to take them home, I felt bad keeping them out like that. We agreed to all just call it a day, and around 16:00 Albert, Liva, Laia and I arrived at home. When I took Laia out of the stroller, she was all wet. Suddenly I remembered, they hadn't been changed since 10:30 this morning. We quickly got all their clothes off, I did Laia while Albert did Liva. Besides being wet on her pants and having her diaper full, Laia was OK. But Liva, poor, poor Liva! She was full of poop all the way up to her neck! Albert can't handle poop, so when he realized, I took over and he took care of Laia. I carried Liva in nothing but her diaper - and poop all over - into the bathroom, put her in the shower while I got the tub ready for her. She sat there, small, cold, chubby, in her diaper, covered in poop, shivering. I will never forget that image. Poor little baby!!! She was better after her bath, but I've learned my lesson - I will never forget to change my girls ever again!

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