8 MONTHS + 1 WEEK - 7 March 2011

LOL - Albert and I took Liva & Laia out for a loooong walk today. When it was time for their nap, we lay them down as always. Normally we put Senyor zebra and Senyor mono close to their face for them to cuddle with. Without Senyor zebra, we had taken a cow along for Liva - same material as Senyor zebra and more or less the same colors. But of course a completely different shape and just not what she's used to. We had put Liva comfortably in the stroller, and put the cow where Senyor zebra normally goes. As we were putting down Laia, the cow was descreetly dropped over the side of the stroller onto the sidewalk. We put him back where he should be, and started walking. Next thing we see is the poor cow come flying full power out of the stroller - this time Liva didn't just drop it, she actually threw it with all her force. Poor little cow! And poor Liva... We put the cow back, and eventually she accepted it. But it will never be Senyor zebra. How sad!!

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