ALMOST 8 MONTHS - 26 February 2011

I love Saturdays!! The four of us spent the whole morning in the botanic garden of Barcelona, the weather was great, Liva and Laia were wonderful, Albert and I had a lovely time together as a family. We came home at lunchtime, fed the girls, played with them for an hour, then put them down for their nap. While they were sleeping my mother-in-law came over. We talked until the girls woke up, then she fed them their fruit. We all hung out and played until Albert and I left. We had a great afternoon in the center shopping followed by a wonderful sushi dinner. When we got home and said goodbye to Iaia we looked at the photos from the botanic garden once again, now we're off to bed. Tomorrow is another busy day, I have a meeting in the morning reg. a possible Scandinavian school here in Barcelona, my father-in-law is coming over for lunch and my mother-in-law will join us for the coffee in the afternoon. I love weekends, the only problem is that they're too short!

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