7 MONTHS + 1½ WEEKS - 8 February 2011

Good news and bad news... I'll start with the good news. Laia sat up on her own today. But I have NO idea how she did it. I had left her on the floor to play - Liva was sleeping - while I went to the kitchen for a while. I am 100% sure she was lying down, I am always afraid of leaving them on their own sitting up because they still very often fall over. If they land outside the blankets they bang their heads, which can be quite painful on our parquet floor. When I came back 5 minutes later she was sitting up! Big girl!! :)
The bad news is that they're more sick then we originally thought. The bronchitis medicine the pediatrician gave us last week hasn't helped at all. Today I took them back to the pediatrician for a check-up and they've gotten worse instead of better. Liva is full of slime in her little lungs, sometimes she coughs so hard she can barely breathe. Laia has less slime but her cough is worse. The pediatrician told us to go to the hospital with both of them first thing tomorrow morning. She basically wants to rule out whooping cough, though it's pretty unlikely that's what they have - they have all their shots and it's very rare that it happens in Europe to babies with their shots. Also, they don't have all the symptoms. But better safe than sorry! And hopefully at the hospital they'll be able to find out what it is, and give us medicine. Poor, poor little girls!!

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