8 MONTHS - 28 February 2011

Liva and Laia are 8 months old today - well, the 29th, but since there is no 29th this month it's today.
They are extremely happy girls, and love playing. They're starting to play more and more with each other, looking at each other and laughing or grabbing and giving things. Laia started crawling about 3 days ago, Liva drags herself along the floor with her arms - Albert says she looks like a zombie. They love being able to go where they want. Liva still makes loads of sounds and sometimes words such as "Laia", "papa" or "Tata" (Tatanka, the name of our black cat) come out - the only one she seems conscious of is Tatanka. Laia doesn't talk quite as much, last Friday she started clicking her tongue which she has been doing ever since.
Liva holds her own bottle when eating, once I tried to get Laia to do it and after a while she grabbed her bottle with one hand and looked at me with an expression that said "I can do this no problem!". Just to prove her point she took the bottle out of her mouth, swung it around in the air for a bit, and put it back in her mouth - all still with just one hand - and kept looking at me with that same expression. After the show she let go of the bottle and her look said "I can do it, but if you want me to eat, you hold it because I can't be bothered!". So we still hold Laia's bottle when she eats.... They can eat cookies on their own, but not much else. I tried with banana, they almost choked because they put the whole piece into their mouth. Smaller pieces they "chew" on for a bit, then spit them out.
Laia can get from crawling or lying position into a sitting position, and both can pull themselves onto their knees when sitting in their beds and pulling themselves up by the bars. Laia can almost get into standing position when holding on to furniture.
Liva can clap her hands, and loves doing it. They both wave, but never when we say hello or goodbye.
They love being bathed and splash water everywhere. I am really looking forward to the summer and taking them to the beach!
They love being tickled, they love when we lie on the floor with them, they love playing peeka-boo, they love dancing and singing, and they love being cuddled and kissed. They hate having their faces wiped or their noses touched. Liva doesn't particularly enjoy being dressed - undressed is no problem, dressed is a huge theater. They don't like when we leave them alone in a room, but after a while they seem to forget they're alone and start playing. They are very open, loving girls, they smile at strangers - though Liva is a bit more reserved - and give kisses and cuddles to the people they know - Heather, Iaia and above all mom, dad and each other! 
Liva & Laia 8 months

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