ALMOST 8 MONTHS - 25 February 2011

What a great day! This morning we went to a playground - well, that was a bit of a hassle at first, the girls were cranky after their morning nap and the elevator still wasn't working. Another fun adventure of carrying stroller, babies, bag, etc down 6-7 floors, at least nobody came out of the elevator and told me it was working just when I had carried everything down this time!
At the playground we met up with other moms from all over the world, there was an American mom who has a daughter only 1 day older than Liva and Laia, and an Italian mom who has twin girls 1 week younger than Liva and Laia. It was great meeting moms with children the same age and sharing stories, experiences, thoughts, worries, etc. If the weather is nice we'll meet up next Friday again.
We were gone most of the morning, 30 minutes after we came home Heather and Jenn came, the girls were thrilled (and so was I). They were here for an hour, Albert came home shortly after they left.
When Albert got home I had to go to a marketing course at the school where I'm employed. A 3-hour course where the whole management team was present. It felt sooooo good doing something else for an afternoon, using different parts of my brain again - or just using my brain again! It's nice to know I can still do other things, and concentrate and focus when I have to.
By the time I came home, Albert had bathed the girls and they were both sound asleep. My little angel girls + my wonderful angel husband = my incredible angel family!!

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