7 MONTHS + 2 WEEKS - 13 February 2011

Wow, I feel like a whole new person!! Yesterday morning Albert got up with the girls, and told me to sleep. I slept until 11 o'clock!! We had a lovely day together, the four of us went for a walk and in the afternoon my mother-in-law came for a few hours while Albert and I went out. We went to the center and did things I wanted to do, bought some clothes for me. When we came home we put the girls to bed, Albert made dinner, and we chilled on the couch watching a program on TV I wanted to watch.
This morning Albert got up again, but I told him it was his turn to sleep, I'd take over. He insisted I go back to bed - though it didn't take much insisting! I slept until 9:30! When I got up Liva & Laia were asleep, meaning we could relax for a bit. When they woke up I took them for a walk for about 2 hours, while Albert cleaned the apartment - and so much more. The kitchen shines, he cleaned the oven, the cooker, everything. After we had bathed the girls and put them to sleep, he again made dinner. I started preparing the girls' lunch for the week - I always cook for a whole week and freeze the food (for tips and ideas how to make life as a (twin)parent easier, click here), Albert kept coming into the kitchen to help. I hope this lasts, this weekend has been wonderful, for the first time in over a year I feel I have slept (I didn't sleep the last few months of the pregnancy either, but that's a whole different story! And Albert was absolutely wonderful throughout the entire pregnancy, I guess one day I'll explain about that time in my life).
On top of all this, the girls are feeling better. They don't cough as much anymore, they haven't had any of the strong attacks for the past two nights, and they have been all happy and smiling again today for the first time in weeks. Poor babies, they must really have felt terrible!! It's nice to see them happy again! And they've started eating again as well - Laia has gotten so thin, poor little thing!
All in all things seem to be improving, in all aspects! :)

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