7½ MONTHS - 17 February 2011

Liva & Laia do not have whooping cough!! We got the results from the hospital today, the tests were negative! And the girls are much better, so all is OK! We have to take them to a check-up with the pedeatrician and hear what she says, I'm sooooo relieved.
The past 2-3 days Liva and Laia have been extremely happy, it's been even more wonderful being with them. I love how they "crawl" to me when I sit down on the floor with them to cuddle. They want to be picked up, nuzzle my neck, giggle at the kisses and hugs I give them, and laugh when I whisper in their little ears how wonderful they are and how much I love them.
And I've found out why I'm still fat!! I read in a medical paper (I was waiting for a student who was in a meeting, not the kind of literature I normally read) that lack of sleep or periods of extreme tiredness increase the risks of becoming fat. That explains it all - I just need sleep, then I'll be thin again! :)

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