ALMOST 13 MONTHS - 26 July 2011

Yesterday while I was doing some work on the computer, Liva and Laia were playing with a ball. They were running (as much as they can "run") around the apartment, chasing each other and stealing the ball from each other. At one point they were in the computer room with me. Liva was walking around holding the ball, making funny noises. Laia was watching her and laughing. Liva realized she was being funny, so she started making funny faces, strange noises, and swinging her arms up and down with the ball. Laia was laughing really hard, making Liva laugh as well. I think Liva is going to be a little clown when she's older - just like her daddy! :)
Today they had their 1-year check-up - finally! It wasn't our own pediatrician, thought they had promised us on Friday it would be. Oh well, this guy was nice... It would have been nice to have our own pediatrician, though, who knows the girls and have known them since they were a few weeks old.
But the doctor told us they are fine, which is the most important thing! Laia is way taller than avarage, 80.5 cm. She weighs a little over 9.5 kgs. Liva is a perfect average, she is 78 cm tall and weighs a little over 10 kgs. Everything is as it should be with both of them.
While waiting at the doctor's office, Liva and Laia were playing - there's a baby slide there, and they both love slides. Laia has recently started huffing and puffing when she's doing "hard work", she loved crawling up the steps, sliding down, going back to the other side, crawling up, sliding down, etc., while huffing and puffing as if she were running a marathon. Incredible that she has learned that, I honestly don't know who she has it from, neither Albert nor I do it. They have also both started making noises when they drink, making it sound like they were on the verge of dehydration. Where do they learn these things? We don't do it, and I can't imagine my mother-in-law or Heather doing it either.
This morning we went to see Luca, it's been a while and it was great to see how happy they were to see each other. Especially Luca and Laia, they spent the first five minutes looking at each other, laughing and touching each other. Very sweet. Very soon they started fighting over toys instead....
It's lovely to have friends here, it's lovely that Liva and Laia have friends here! Most of all, it's lovely to know they are healthy and completely "avarage" - though in my eyes they are way above avarage and the most beautiful, incredible, wonderful little people ever put in this world!

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