1 YEAR + 2 weeks - 13 July 2011

Things are getting easier again. Having Heather here for 3 hours in the morning is wonderful! The past 2 days, Liva and Laia have slept until 7:20, a whole hour longer than normal! I hope this is their new routine. It means they don't sleep for very long in the morning, giving me less time to shower and get ready. But if they sleep longer in the mornings, I can live with them not taking a morning nap. On Monday they napped for 2 hours in the afternoon, that was so lovely. Unfortunately, it was only that day. I would love for them to sleep longer in the morning (like now, 7:20 is fine!) and take a long nap in the afternoon. We can skip their morning nap for all I care, I'm sure I can fit in a shower somewhere. If worse comes to worse, I'll shower at night, or with Liva and Laia playing in the bathroom.
Liva was in such a good mood today, laughing and chatting all day. This morning they played catch while I prepared breakfast, later they played with a ball, chasing it all over the apartment, and this afternoon they played on the couch - both laughing loads all the time. It makes such a difference that they play with each other now. Liva is suddenly walking, which makes a huge difference as well; it puts her and Laia on a more similar level. The advantages of having twins are starting to show up on a more and more daily basis!!

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