1 YEAR + 2 days - 1 July 2011

We went out without the stroller for the first time ever this afternoon!
Albert had a phone interview with a Danish company, so I took the girls out. Since we weren't going to be out for long, I decided to just go to the playground behind our building. I took a bag with sand toys, some water to drink and the little car my parent's gave Liva and Laia for their birthday. Laia sat on the car while Liva walked behind pushing her. After a couple of minutes we switched. We played at the playground for a while, when Albert was done he came down as well. By the time we went home, the girls were really tired, so Albert carried one of them and the car while I had the other girl and the bag with toys. It was great going out without the stroller, another sign that Liva and Laia are getting big! :)

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