1 YEAR + 2 weeks - 11 July 2011

Liva woke up around 22:30 last night, we assume because of a nightmare. I took her out of the room to avoid waking up Laia (pointless since one twin wakes up when the other is missing) and sat holding her tight for a while. That's when I realized how big she has gotten! Not as in how much she has developed, which I comment on often, which is also incredible, but size-wise. She's a really big girl! She doesn't fit on my belly anymore, her long legs hang down to my knees. Without being chubby, she is also not thin - holding her is holding a small child now, not a baby anymore. Laia is a little bit taller and quite a bit thinner. She doesn't weigh as much, so it's not the same with her - yet.
They're both walking by now, Liva still a bit unsure of herself, but she does great. They interact more and more, I often hear them laughing in the livingroom or their bedroom when I'm in the kitchen or in front of the computer. It's great, because it gives me more free time. Especially these days where they don't sleep a lot.
I'm feeling a bit better about the whole situation again, it was nice getting a break sometimes over the weekend, especially Saturday afternoon where we left as soon as my mother-in-law arrived and didn't get back until around 22:00. We went clothes-shopping for Albert, and had a drink and tapas in the center. Lovely! This week Heather is coming 3 mornings, and I'm trying to organize meeting people in the afternoons. Next week my mom will be here for 5 days, I am SO looking forward to that!

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