1 YEAR + 3 days - 2 July 2011

The four of us went to the zoo today, Liva and Laia loved it! When we go for our regular walks, they love looking at dogs, birds and any other animlas we see, so we figured the zoo would be a success; we were right! They looked at all the animlas, pointed, made excited noises, and complained when we drove their stroller away from one animal home - until we arrived at the next one. There was a children's section where we could touch goats and rabbits, which was their favorite!
We had snacks and lunch at the zoo, the weather was great, we took Liva and Laia out of the stroller a few times, Laia loved walking around on her own. All in all a wonderful morning.

This afternoon my mother-in-law is coming, as every Saturday, Albert and I are going shopping for stuff we need tomorrow; Albert's whole family is coming over to celebrate Liva & Laia's first birthday with us!
Tonight Albert and I are going for sushi, yippee!!

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