ONE YEAR OLD!!! - 29 June 2011

Today is a big day! No, today is a HUGE day!! I have been looking forward to this day basically since Liva and Laia were born - happy birthday to the best girls in the world!!
Things are so much easier now. We have loads of fun, Liva and Laia understand so many things - like playing peeka-boo, with us or with each other, us chasing them, passing things to each other, being tickled, making funny faces, etc etc.
To celebrate their birthday, I've baked a berry cheesecake which we had for breakfast all 4 of us together. We bought a toy for them which is a tunnel connected to a tent on each end, that was put up ready for them in the livingroom, they love it.
They didn't want to nap today, so I took them to the beach quite early. Laia loved it, played in the sand, loved the water, walked around and just basically had a good time. Liva hated it, cried all the time. So after about 30 minutes we left, I felt bad for the people around us... I took them for a stroll along the beach, they both fell asleep. We met up with my German friend and her 2 girls, had lunch all together, then Liva, Laia and I took the bus home. When we arrived at home, there was a huge present from my parents, a little car for them to sit on and push themselves forward with their legs, they love that toy, too. There's a handle at the back, so one can push while the other sits, it's great.

They had a long nap in the afternoon, then my mom called over skype - Liva and Laia get the whole concept now, and love talking on skype. Liva explains loads of stories, it's very cute.

Laia now walks more than she crawls, Liva takes a few steps as well. They both prefer standing to sitting. They love playing, and have started to learn how to play with each other. They love food, starting today they've started eating on their own with spoons - I hope that lasts, another things that will make life easier for me! They hardly have bottles anymore, most of their liquids come from sippy-cups.
They climb on all our furniture, and even know how to get back down again without getting hurt.

They have developed loads this year, and I am so proud of them. They are happy, intelligent, beautiful girls who charm everyone around them. They laugh and smile at people when we're outside, they love waving and there's nothing better than looking at animals - time for the zoo soon! :)
I can spend hours watching them play and observe, I love them more than I had ever dreamed possible!

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