ALMOST ONE YEAR!! - 26 June 2011

Here's a sweet twin story! In our livingroom we have two boxes with toys for Liva and Laia, one white with all the toys they play with every day, and one red tugged away behind our dining table with toys we've hidden. Every 2-3 weeks we take some toys from the red box and exchange them with toys from the white box, that way Liva and Laia always have "new" interesting toys. The red box isn't really hidden, it's just in a corner where they don't come often. The other day they were playing with a ball and it rolled over to the red box. Liva started tugging at the lid, so I grabbed her and put her by the white box. Laia was still in the opposite corner, with the ball. I called her a few times, but she just sat there and looked at me, holding her ball. Liva was watching the scene very intensely, after I had called Laia over a few times and she hadn't come, Liva crawled over there. She sat down in front of Laia and "said" something. They both giggled, then crawled at full speed to the white box and started pulling out all their toys, laughing while doing it. Though I understood nothing, I am now absolutely certain that Liva and Laia communicate verbally. They understand each other, the noises they make, make sense to them!

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