11 MONTHS & 2 WEEKs - 12 June 2011

We've been in Denmark for four days now, and it's absolutely wonderful!
The trip here was problem free. At Barcelona airport Albert was allowed to go with me through security check - there was an airport-police officer there just to watch him the whole time, who told us he also was a twin-dad, so he knew exactly how difficult it is. Inside the airport Liva and Laia crawled around, ate and looked at all the people and things there. We boarded the plane, and the half hour after boarding before take-off was tough for Laia. She was in the car-seat, it was hot, we couldn't really move, they were both really tired, and she cried loads. Two minutes after take-off she fell asleep, fifteen minutes later Liva was asleep. They slept for 1½ hours, had some snacks and just needed to be entertained the last 30 minutes, just like I had hoped! My dad picked us up at the airport, it was so nice seeing my parents and being in Denmark again.
Friday I took the girls out for a walk in their stroller, we went into Hornbæk, played at the playground, did some shopping, and went back home again. In the afternoon my brother and his family came over and stayed all evening - Liva and Laia didn't sleep until almost 21:00! We called Albert over Skype so he could be part of it all, at least for a while.
Yesterday the weather was absolutely brilliant, in the afternoon Liva and Laia played in a paddle-pool for the first time.
They loved it - until Liva pooped....
This morning my mom got up with the girls so I could sleep in a bit, that was wonderful! We played in the garden, in the afternoon my mom and I walked to the playground again, my dad met us there with the bicycle. After playing we all had ice-cream, then walked home again. Liva doesn't seem to like the new stroller very much, screams every time we put her in it. I hope it's just a matter of her having to get used to it...
I also saw an ad for a job here in Denmark, so I've spent hours writing an application. I told Albert on Skype, he liked the idea :)

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