11 MONTHS & 1 WEEK - 7 June 2011

It just never ends!! Laia woke up with red spots all over her belly yesterday. I was convinced it was chicken pox, and called the doctor straight away. I had a hectic day - meetings in the morning, class at mid-day - so the appointment was at 16:00. Heather came at 10:00, by then the spots had spread to arms and legs as well. Heather pointed out that chicken-pox-spot normally stay around the belly area, I have no clue but figured it must be chicked pox, what else could it be?
Turns out it wasn't. It's a virus caused by the fever her little body has been fighting for almost 2 weeks now, her immune system is so worn down that it actually created this virus. It's just as contagious as chicken pox, so we were warned that Liva will probably get very high fever followed by the same kind of spots soon. Since Liva has fought every other illness so far, I choose to believe that her immune system is strong enough to fight this one as well!
Poor Laia is covered in spots from top to toe - even the soles of her feet and palms of her hands are covered. The doctor said they don't itch, but they still bother her. She's doing great, though! She's such a trooper, is still happy, laughing and playing most of the day. It should be gone in 3-5 days, I hope it ends soon, I feel so bad for my little girl, there's constantly something wrong with her.
She's getting really good at walking, now she stands up on her own from sitting position. And Liva is starting to take a few steps on her own - she still gets so proud every time, it's such a joy watching her!

Little Laia covered in spots

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