ALMOST 21 WEEKS - 21 Nov. 2010

We have a sick child!! Poor Laia has a temperature of 38.2, Albert is at the ER with her now.
It started yesterday, we noticed she was quite hot and sleepy, so we took her temperature. It was at 37.4. An hour or so later we took it again, 37.6. When she reached 37.8 we called the doctor - we've never had a sick child before, neither of us knew what to do... It was Saturday so we couldn't get a hold of our regular pediatrician, we had to call the emergency doctor. She recommended some medication which Albert went out to buy, and we've been giving it to her over the past 24 hours. She seems OK, she's hot and sleeps a lot, but she eats fine and smiles, even laughs sometimes.
Before putting the girls to bed today, I took Laia's temeprature again, 38.2.... Albert panicks quicker than me, he wanted to take her to the ER straight away. I said it would probably be better for her to sleep. But 3 hours later she woke up and was whimpering. After an hour of trying to calm her - her temperature was at 37.9 - Albert called the emergency doctors again. They said to take her to the ER, because having a fever for 24 hours when she's been taking medication which should reduce it, is not a good sign. Of course we didn't want to wake up Liva, poor girl, so Albert is at the ER with Laia while I'm at home. Though I'm sure she's OK and that it's "just" a regular flu, I can't help worrying. My poor baby!!!!

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