19 WEEKS - 9 Nov. 2010

So, we gave the girls porridge last night. What a laugh!! They had barely slept all day, fell asleep around 17:00 and were woken up 18:15. That's the time they're normally put to bed, so they were completely confused. They hadn't eaten since 14:30, and when they finally got to eat it was a whole new thing. At first we tried with spoons, but that was really difficult for them. Since they were so hungry and so tired, we decided to put the porridge in a bottle and let them drink it. That worked quite well, they seemed to like it. Afterwards, around 19:30, we put the girls to bed. When we went to bed, we didn't wake them up - how weird, first time in more than 4 months that we didn't have to feed the girls before going to bed. They slept until 4:15 this morning, ate a regular bottle and slept until 7:15. Wow, I hadn't expected it to work!!:)
Today Albert came home from work late, so I had to feed them on my own. After trying various options, I eventually ended up giving Liva a new bottle especially for porridge which I bought earlier today, and Laia another bottle which we made yesterday, where we cut the whole quite big. It took me 1 hour to feed them 120 ml.... By the time I was done, Albert was home. We put on their pyjamas and put them to bed at 19:30, they went straight to sleep. It'll be interesting to see how long they sleep tonight.
The best part about not having to feed them at midnight is that I can go to bed whenever I want! Going to bed early was pretty pointless when I had to wake up around midnight anyway, but now I can go to bed whenever and just sleep. Nice!! So I'll go and have Albert give me the massage he's promised me, and then go to bed.

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