18 WEEKS - 1 Nov. 2010

A 3-day weekend is coming to an end, and it's been a lovely 3 days! Saturday morning we took the girls to a playground for the first time. Since Laia loves "playing wild", and Liva is starting to quite enjoy it too, we decided to try the swings with them. We had expected Laia to love it and Liva to be a bit more hesitant, we were wrong! Liva laughed and laughed whereas Laia wasn't sure whether she should laugh or cry - we took her out of the swing before she could make up her mind. Since they're only 4 months old, we didn't stay long at the playground, and we didn't try out any of the other things there. We'll wait another few months before we do it again.

Today we went into town, and I wanted to have lunch. Most of the places we wanted to go to we couldn't get into with the stroller, so in the end we went to a Sirian restaurant - great food!! Just as we entered the restaurant, the girls woke up, and Albert was sure we should forget all about going in. But I convinced him to give it a try, and see how the girls would behave. Normally they are good girls, we had food for them, and there's no reason why they should cause any trouble. On the other hand, if they get bored they can be quite embarrasing... But they were sooooo good, we were so proud of them. They ate (well, drank, they still only get milk), and for the rest of the time they sat quietly in their stroller. Liva was tired and was half asleep most of the time, Laia was in a great mood and sat giggeling to herself. When we touched her or talked to her she laughed and laughed. For being only 4 months old, they are such good girls! We have really been very, very lucky!!
They sleep really well now, have been doing so for about 6 weeks. We put them to bed around 19:00 and they go straight to sleep, no problems at all. Laia sometimes wakes up, but all she wants is her dummy and a kiss, then she'll go right back to sleep. At midnight we feed them and then they sleep until 6-ish. Well, not today since the time has changed and we're now on wintertime. They woke up at 4:15 and wanted food, and instead of sleeping until 8:00 like they normally do, they of course woke up at 7:00. It has been a loooooong day today, that 1 hour changes our whole schedule, and it just makes the day seem much longer. So, I'm off to bed and hope the girls will sleep longer tomorrow!

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