ALMOST 19 WEEKS - 7 Nov. 2010

Today is Albert's birthday and we've spent the whole weekend celebrating! Well, kind of... Friday afternoon we all 4 went out after Albert came home from work. The girls hadn't been out all day since there were people here building up cupboards in our livingroom, something we've been dreaming about the entire year we've lived here.
Saturday morning Iaia came to take care of the girls while Albert and I went to the center. We did some shopping, then went to the Boqueria and bought a huge, expensive steak. Before leaving home, Albert had taken our bed apart and we had thrown it away since we've bought a new one. They called while we were in the center that they were coming to put it up. We rushed home, and by the time we got there, the new bed was already broken... The people who were supposed to put it up broke the head board - and no, it's not from Ikea..... They asked us if we wanted it anyway, which of course we didn't, and without the headboard they couldn't put up the bed. So we're now sleeping on our madras on the floor, fun....
Saturday evening, after putting the girls to bed, we cooked the steak from the boqueria along with salad, bread and a great wine. What a dinner! :)
This morning, after giving Albert his presents, we went out on the street - the Pope is in Barcelona and since he passed right by our house we couldn't really miss it... I'm not catholic and neither of us is religious, but seeing the Pope when he passes right by the house is a must. Afterwards we bought breakfast to take home, had a super relaxing day until the afternoon. We took the girls out for a walk, then went to my brother-in-law's house where there was a small family celebration for Albert. Then home, bathe the girls, put them to bed and wait for my mother-in-law. When she came over we went out for sushi. Poor woman, all she seems to do lately is babysit her grandchildren. But she says she enjoys it, we're assuming she's telling the truth.

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