ALMOST 19 WEEKS - 8 Nov. 2010

Another doctor's appointment today. The girls are just as they are supposed to be, the doctor was very impressed at their size. And she said they were beautiful, sweet, happy and healthy - just like 2 little princesses. We were sooo proud! :)
Liva weighs 6750 gr. and is 65 cm tall, Laia weighs 6440 gr and is 64 cm tall.
We get to start with porridge today, but we have to change their entire schedule. After the clock changed, the girls have been going to sleep around 18:30 every day. We still wake them up around midnight to feed them, and they sleep until around 5, eat and sleep until about 7:30. Now we have to give them porridge around 19:00 and let them sleep through the night. Supposedly they'll sleep until the following morning. Hmmmm, we'll see about that....

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