STILL 15.5 WEEKS - STILL 10 Oct. 2010

L'Avi - grandpa - came over today. He doesn't live in Barcelona, and since neither he nor we have a car we don't see him as often as we'd like. So he came over around noon, we had lunch and coffee and around 17:00 he left. It was nice seeing him again, and he was happy to see the girls.
The reason I've decided to tell this exciting information is to praise Albert, after all the criticizing I've been doing in the last posts. Albert cleaned the whole house - swept and vacuumed the floor, cleaned the bathroom, took down bags and bags of garbage - he cooked the entire lunch with no help, he cleaned the kitchen afterwards, and when he wasn't working he helped with the girls! So though I get really annoyed with him at times, I appreciate everything he does, and that happens more often than me getting annoyed! I guess that's why we'll be celebrating our 2-year wedding-anniversary tomorrow! :)

My mother-in-law is coming at 9:00, we've rented a mini-van and are going to Ikea, Leroy Merlin, Bauhaus etc. While I was in Denmark, Albert insulated the whole livingroom, we've bought wood to put on the ceiling to cover the insulation, and we need to buy some other things for it tomorrow. Once again, what a guy!
In the evening we're going out to dinner to celebrate. We've decided to go to the hotel where we held the wedding-dinner & party 2 years ago - it's not a very romantic restaurant, but we find the idea quite romantic (though maybe not very original?!). So my mother-in-law will get to spend the entire day with the girls, she's really looking forward to it.

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