ALMOST 17 WEEKS - 18 Oct. 2010

We heard Liva laugh for the first time today - a real laugh! Laia has been doing it for a long time, and though it's easier to make Liva smile, she didn't know how to laugh. It annoyed her, sometimes I'd be playing with both of them and Laia would be laughing with all her heart. Liva would yell and make strange noises, and eventually start to cry because she couldn't laugh - or at least I assume that's why she would start crying. Last night when we were getting them ready to eat, Liva laughed. We wondered why and how, and nothing more happened - we almost thought we had dreamed it. But then this afternoon I was playing with both of them, and Liva laughed and laughed - Laia looked all surprised! Baby-laughter is just the sweetest sound in the world!

Our weekend was very nice! Saturday afternoon my mother-in-law came over again - poor woman! But she says she enjoys it! Albert and I went for a massage, I had 60 minutes of Thai massage, Albert had 30 minutes of foot massage. It had been my present from him for our 2 year anniversary. Afterwards we went shopping, bought clothes for me, and then went for shawarma (did I spell that right?), yumm yumm!! On the way home we bought bread at a great baker's, and bought some for his mom as well.
Sunday I met up with my mother-in-law and we took the girls for a walk in the park. I invited her to a coffee and croissant, and after a few hours I went home again with the girls. Poor Albert worked all week and all weekend - except Saturday afternoon - with the insulation in the living room. It looks great!!! And Sunday he even cooked dinner, what a guy! He had today off as well, he had hoped to finish the living room, but there's still a bit missing. My parent's are coming on Friday, hopefully it can be done by then.

Life is just perfect at the moment, the weather is wonderful - sunny and not too hot, the girls are super happy lately, Albert has been around the house for a whole week. What else could anyone ask for????!!!! :)

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