STILL 15.5 WEEKS - 10 Oct. 2010

Just to finish off the story from yesterday, my mother-in-law called at 14:10 to say she wouldn't be at our place until about 16:00. Albert got mad at her over the phone, and after talking to her he decided to go grocery shopping. My mother-in-law doesn't like it when her sons are mad at her, so the poor woman rushed over here as quickly as she could, without having lunch or anything - and Albert wasn't even home. But at least she got to see the girls, and her and me had a good laugh about how silly men can be.

Laia rolled over this morning!! We've been practicing lying on the belly, Laia is getting really good, Liva still struggles and gets angry when we put her on her belly. This morning I decided to practice with them, and while I was helping Liva, Laia suddenly rolled onto her back! I put her back on her belly, and straight away she rolled to the other side, onto her back. We did it 2 more times, she seemed to find it quite fun, too. And I was just sooo proud of my little girl!! :)

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