16 WEEKS - 13 Oct. 2010

We had a great 2nd anniversary, my mother-in-law came over at 9:00 and Albert and I left - went to pick up the minivan we had rented. We went to Ikea, Leroy Merlin, Toys R Us and some other places. Tuesday was a national holiday here, so many people had taken Monday off - I think they had all decided to go to the same places as us at the same time... We were stuck in traffic jams and spent hours and hours standing in line in the different shops. But we got everything we wanted, and actually enjoyed it. We talked a lot about what we had been doing at specific moments 2 years ago. At 17:00 we came home and Iaia (grandma) left - a short break before coming back at 20:00 so we could go out for dinner. We went to the hotel where we had the wedding-celebration.
The girls were on their best behaviour all day, Iaia was all dissappointed when she came at 20:00 that they were sleeping, and even more dissappointed that they hadn't woken up while we were out.

The last 2 days Albert has been working in the livingroom, putting up wooden boards on the ceiling, integrating lights etc. It's a lot of work, his brother came yesterday and helped a few hours. All I have to do is take care of the girls. Today I took them to the center to go shopping. I still get amazed at how easy they are, they just lie in the stroller and look around or sleep. So many people comment on how beautiful they are, and though I still get annoyed at all the attention, I get really proud with all the compliments! :)
Liva has started sucking her thumb - she was sucking it when she woke up this morning, when I tried giving her the dummy she spat it out and put her thumb right back in her mouth. Sweet! :) We're still working on lying on their bellies, Laia is really good by now, lifts up her head and chest. She rolls over, mainly to her left but she can also do it to her right. Liva gets totally angry when we put her on her belly, makes growling, complaining noises. But without noticing she's getting really good as well, though she doesn't turn around yet.

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