2 YEARS & 5 MONTHS - 11 Dec 2012

We're really starting to feel what life as a "normal" working family is like! But we're enjoying it - I'm actually loving it! :) I started my new job 1 week ago, I go to the office in Copenhagen 3 days a week, Tuesday and Thursday for 3 hours and then I teach for the other school, Fridays 4-5 hours in the office and home again. The other days I work from home for 3 hours, then have a student here. This past week my students have cancelled quite a few classes, so I have worked some extra hours for the other job (saving up so I can take time off over Christmas). With Albert leaving the house at 6:00 (or earlier) in the morning, and not getting back until 18:00 (or 20:15 twice a week when he has Danish class), I'm the one dropping Liva and Laia off at daycare, and picking them up again in the afternoon. But it's all working out great, I still drop them off around 7:45 every morning and pick them up quite late, between 16:00 and 17:00. They are always happy and busy doing things when I get to the daycare, one day I arrived at 17:30 and felt really bad for having left them there that long, they didn't want to come home with me! There were only 5 kids left, they were playing with play-dough and having a lovely time. So it seems we're all enjoying this new life of ours! The most stressful time of the day is when we get home in the afternoon, Liva and Laia are tired, they want to be with me but I have to get dinner ready. So often I just cook something very quick (read: boring!), I do wish I were better at planning all that. But it'll come, we're still getting used to this new situation.

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