2 YEARS & 5 MONTHS - 30 Nov. 2012

My life is falling into place! Yesterday I went to sign the contract at the language school I'll be working at. It seems that if things go well, I will be full-time employed by the summer, and have loads more responsibility in a couple of years. The job sounds amazing, and I am so looking forward to starting there.
I will continue with some of my students for the other language school where I have been working since we moved to Denmark, at least for a while. Just this week, 3 of my students have told me I'm "addictive". Two students, ladies around my mom's age, are finishing next week, they have both said they are so sad at the thought of not seeing me again, I have become like a part of the family. I also really like them, and hope we will somehow see each other again. When you spend 4-5 hours with a person every week and talk about children, work, traveling, hobbies etc, I guess some special bond somehow develops. The other student is a young girl, mid-twenties I think, who has asked that we do 2 hours every class instead of 2,5, because she doesn't want to finish the classes with me to quickly - the students normally get 30 hours in total. Those were nice compliments, and made me feel good! :)
And finally, I've started jogging again! I've so far only been yesterday and today, but I feel super motivated and have planned my working schedule so I can go jogging 2-3 mornings a week. When I stopped back in the summer, I could only just barely run the entire route I do, the first many weeks I interchanged between jogging and walking. I had expected to do some walking now, after not having jogged for months, but to my huge surprise I can run the whole route. It's only about 2,5, maybe 3 kilometers, through the forest so very uneven terrain. It feels great to have started up again, I hope I can keep it up, and that soon I can make my route a bit longer. Finally life in Denmark is what we had hoped it would be! :)

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