2 YEARS & 4 MONTHS - 21 Nov. 2012

I'm SO sick of having sick children! It just seems it's never ending. We had both Liva and Laia in our bed all night, Laia was crying saying her ear and throat hurt, and she was boiling hot. Liva was coughing and crying because her throat hurt when she coughed. I actually wanted to blame it all on moving to cold Denmark, but then I remembered that in Barcelona they were also constantly sick from about November until about March. I guess it's just something we have to live with until they are a bit older and their immune systems are a bit stronger.
Well, we soon realized there was no way we could drop Liva & Laia off at daycare today, "luckily" Albert had an argument with his (now X) boss yesterday and was told that if there were going to be bad feelings he might as well leave the workplace yesterday and not come back. So he did.... He's home this week, I cancelled my 2 classes today and called the doctor. We got an appointment for 12:10, there we were told that Laia has a rash in her ear which is supposedly very typical for babies and toddlers, and can be quite painful. Liva is coughing because she has a horrible cold and all the snot ends up in her airways. There are no infections in their throat, but with the coughing and colds it's only normal that the throat hurts as well. We also mentioned to the doctor that Laia has been complaining about a pain in her vagina for about a  month, but there's nothing unusual to see and so we haven't been taking her very seriously. The doctor asked if we had seen any little worms in her diaper. At first I was shocked - how could she possibly think that our daughters could have worms? There's no way they have worms, we take care of our girls, clean them well, bathe them every 2 days, of course they don't have worms! Not my children! She asked us to describe the symptoms, then asked if there had been a case of worms at daycare. That made me remember a sign I noticed about 2 months ago in the daycare, something about there being worms and what to do to prevent or cure it. Oh my god, my children DO have worms..... The doctor prescribed a cure and told us to check their poop next time - they are just very thin worms, look almost like little threads. Yup, Laia definitely has worms, I've seen it with my own eyes. I still can't believe it, but the doctor assured us that it has nothing to do with how we take care of them or with lack of hygiene, it is apparently super common among toddlers, especially when they go to daycare because it's extremely contagious. So Laia got some medicine for her ears, Liva got some cough medicine, and they are both put on a worm-cure. It's been a productive medical day....
We spent the afternoon at home, and again we noticed that things are getting easier. Liva and Laia can spend more and more time on their own doing puzzles or playing with pearls. While Albert prepared dinner I tidied up the apartment. Liva played with pearls while Laia created a necklace. Then they did some puzzles until it was time to eat. They are such sweet girls, even when they are not feeling well!

Liva in deep concentration, creating pearl-masterpieces

I still haven't gotten an offer from the job yesterday, she is having computer problems and will need a few days before she can get all the information to me. Oh well, I'll just keep crossing my fingers.

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