1 YEAR & 9 MONTHS - 4 April 2012

As wonderful as my morning was yesterday, as dreadful was the afternoon! I came home around 12:30, in time to prepare lunch for Liva and Laia and put them down for their nap. They were already cranky and impossible when I came home, it just got worse and worse. After 45 minutes they had had lunch and were ready for their nap. Emily helped me tidy up a bit, after she left I cleaned the kitchen and had lunch myself. Then Liva and Laia woke up, after an only 45-minute nap. They were just as cranky and impossible as before I had put them down! It was raining and grey outside, and I was worried about work (or lack thereof!) and in no mood to deal with two cranky toddlers!
This morning they woke up in a brilliant mood, but since I spent most of the morning communicating with the language school in Denmark, which has offered me 3 courses all starting in April, looking at apartments and trying to find more teaching work in Denmark, Liva and Laia were very much left to themselves and were bored. The combination of me being totally worried about finances, deeply confused about what to do and how to do it workwise, trying to prepare my class this afternoon and dealing was 2 bored toddlers was NOT a good one! Good thing I was working this afternoon and had to get out of the house!
AND - good thing my intensive course here in Barcelona was confirmed this afternoon! :) Now we can stick to the original plan of me working here until mid-May, then going up to Denmark and seeing what I can find. This gives us more time to prepare it all, my mum's coming down in May so if we really do move up for some months, she could take some things up when she flies home. I'm just happy the course down here is actually happening! Hopefully the next few days I will have more patience with my sweet, deprived children.
We've started potty-training a bit, Liva has peed on the toilet twice and pooped once, Laia has peed once! It's a start! :)

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