1 YEAR & 9 MONTHS - 3 April 2012

I have just had an amazing morning! We needed some government documents for Liva, Laia and Albert which I had said I'd take care of today. Since it's raining there's nobody out, so it took me less than 5 minutes to get these documents, from an extremely friendly civil servant! I knew Emily wouldn't be able to take Liva and Laia out in this weather, and knew that they'd be all over me all the time if I went home. So I decided to go into town. I went to develop some photos, then had a coffee at the Corte Inglés where there's a wonderful view over Plaça Catalunya. I bought a book, then came home when it was time for Liva and Laia's lunch. The girls had had a lovely morning with Emily at home, now they're sleeping peacefully.

View over Plaça Catalunya from the Corte Inglés café
I still don't know anything about any of the jobs; the possible intensive course here in Barcelona apparently still hasn't been confirmed by the client, the school in Denmark have told me to contact them at the beginning of May if I plan on staying here until mid-May. Something has to happen, I need work so I can earn some money... Fingers crossed!!

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