1 YEAR & almost 10 MONTHS - 23 April 2012

Albert's back in Barcelona, we miss him loads! The girls say goodnight to his picture every night and start crying. Yesterday we did facetime while he wsa at his brother's, we saw Papa, Iaia, Avi, uncle Eduard and all the cousins, the girls were thrilled but started crying when we finished. It's not easy for them. But we know they'll be happy here, and we're sure we're doing the right thing.
Today I went with Liva and Laia and my mom to two different daycare centers, Liva and Laia ran straight to the playground and started playing while I was being shown around. The second one we went to is just through the forrest from our new home, and is amazing! A huge institution located in the middle of the forrest with the biggest playground I have ever seen. It was clean and organized, they do loads of activities, all the food is home made and organic, it's perfect! I would love if Liva and Laia could go there! But though I'm guaranteed a place for them, it won't necessarily be in the institution of my choice. So we're crossing our fingers and hoping our lucky streak will continue a while still!

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