2 YEARS & 6 MONTHS - 27 Jan. 2013

We took Liva & Laia to a museum for the first time ever today, and it was actually a huge success! It was a child-friendly museum with ancient mummies and sculptures of animals and people - Liva & Laia loved the lions and giggled at the naked people where you could see the bum: "He's not wearing any pants", they said... There was also a small rainforest with a little pond with fish, and of course we went to the café to have a snack - coffee, juice and chocolate cake, yummy!!
When we finished at the museum it was Liva & Laia's nap-time, but since we were in Copenhagen we wanted to get something out of the whole day, so we went to a mall where there's an indoor playground, a small aquarium with fish, shopping-cart cars, and entertainment. We spent a couple of hours there, and all in all had a lovely day. The girls fell asleep in the car in the way home, we had a nice couple of hours at home before dinner and bath-time, Liva and Laia slept about 15 minutes after putting them to bed. Definitely a day we'll repeat soon again!

Playing in front of the museum

Looking at the fish

Fighting over who gets to stand in the middle - because we can't just both stand there together....

Looking at the fish from the shopping-cart car at the mall

Fun entertainment at the mall

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