10 MONTHS + 2 WEEK - 14 May 2011

So, it's Saturday again, yippee!! We all four went to the park this morning, looked at birds and dogs, swang on the swings and had a snack and coffee - I had coffee, the girls did the rest.
My mother-in-law came around 4pm and shortly after Albert and I left. We went to look at parquet and then bought underwear for me. Wow, first time in months that I've come home with a bag full of stuff for me and nothing for Liva and Laia. It feels wonderful! I can't wait to wear my new stuff tomorrow!:) Afterwards we went out to dinner at an Italian restaurant we go to quite often but haven't been in a long time, got tipsy on one glass of wine and walked home hand in hand in the rain. What a lovely evening!
Laia is really enjoying this whole walking-thing, she still only takes a few steps at a time before letting herself fall, but she loves it when we hold her hands and she gets to walk. Liva is all over the apartment with their walker, and is starting to stand on her own for a few seconds. My plan is that at least Laia can walk by the time I fly to Denmark with them, almost four weeks to practice should be plenty.

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