10 MONTHS + 1 WEEK - 7 May 2011

The week calmed down a bit, but not much. Albert took the day off Wednesday to be home and help me. The doorbell rang non-stop, and Albert was on the phone most of the day - insurance companies, the building responsible, etc, etc, etc. The insurance companies agreed that our parquet needs to be changed, and possibly some of the doors as well. We just had the entire apartment done when we moved in less than two years ago...
At the same time, the neighbor 2 floors down has been complaining about water damage in her apartment, and the neighbor below us kept insisting it came from us and was our fault. The plumbers came Thursday and fixed the pipe, it wasn't our fault, it was a broken pipe in our down-stairs neighbor's apartment. So we've had insurance people and plumbers here for that, too.
Liva an Laia are doing so good, Heather came for a couple of hours on Thursday and they are such sweet girls, they are happy to be with her. Wednesday we went to playground with another mom and her daughter, the three girls had such a good time there. I can't believe how quickly things are happening now. Laia has had another tooth come out, she now has 6! Liva still has 4. Liva is walking all over the apartment with the walker we actually bought for Laia, but Laia doesn't care for it. Laia walks all over the place holding our hands. They love eating on their own, I keep giving them new things to try, they like everything. Today we had breadsticks dipped in cheese, the other day they had tomatoe and goat cheese, they love it all. They especially love chocolate and chocolate cookies, though! Like their parents... :)

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