10 MONTHS + 1 WEEK - 9 May 2011

After this week we had, Albert and I decided to enjoy the weekend. Friday was just as rough as the other days, I had meetings and work all day, when I finished Albert and I met up to go see a lawyer. He helped us do our taxes for 2010 - I have to pay money! :( - and helped me with paperwork since I'm working freelance. We didn't get home until 20:00 and we were both exhausted.
Saturday morning we all four went out, it was raining so we decided to go to a mall with a little play-area that Liva and Laia love. Though both Albert and I had quite a bit of work, we tried to enjoy the days together as a family, and worked when Liva and Laia napped. Saturday afternoon my mother-in-law came and Albert and I left straight away. She enjoyed time with the girls, Albert and I had a lovely afternoon and evening in the center. In the evening we opened a bottle of wine and watched a show we both quite enjoy on TV.
Sunday morning the weather was lovely, we all went for a walk, had coffee and brunch at a small café, Liva and Laia tried ice-cream for the first time. At first they were a little suspicious about this cold thing I was feeding them, but after a couple of spoonfuls they just couldn't get enough. We walked home along the beach, by the time we arrived home it was time for Liva and Laia's nap. In the afternoon I played with them while Albert cleaned the house, the evening we spent working - after the lovely dinner Albert prepared and the last of the wine from Saturday night. All in all a lovely family weekend!

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